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Yiffing is a combination of words “sniff” and “yell” made up by MatPat’s wife Steph in their livesteam for a game Dayshift at Freddy’s, as she didn’t know what it

Yiff Spot allows users to yiff anonymously with other furries in realtime.

Yiff is a slang word used in the Furry fandom with a large variety of meanings. Although originally being something as simple as a greeting, it has over time gained

Welcome to »Senkas Yiff Dungeon« be courteous of your fellow fur, and don’t be rude! After a prolonged stay in Invite Only mode, Senka and staff have come together

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Kongregate free online game Gay Kiss – Make your gay couple kiss while the priest isn’t looking. Win by reaching max power.. Play Gay Kiss

Yell + Sniff = Yiff Created by Stephanie Patrick on Game Theory Live.

Apr 04, 2011 · cant you add textures for the skin and make the game a little less of going through with all the sex

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